CITE 2017

The 1st International Workshop on Creating Identity – Trustworthy Ecosystems

Co-Organized by EU-H2020 – ARIES and  EU-H2020 – LIGHTest
to be held in conjunction with the ARES EU Projects Symposium 2017, held at ARES 2017
(ARES 2017 – )

August 29 – September 1, 2017, Reggio Calabria, Italy

ARES EU Projects Symposium: August 29, 2017

An ever increasing number of transactions are conducted virtually over the Internet. How can you be sure that the person making the transaction is who they say they are?

Traditionally, we often knew our business partners personally, which meant that impersonation and fraud were uncommon. Whether regarding the single European market place or on a Global scale, there is an increasing amount of electronic transactions that are becoming a part of people’s everyday lives, where decisions on establishing who is on the other end of the transaction is important. Clearly, there is a need for assistance by authorities to certifyelectronic identities.

The EC-funded LIGHTest and ARIES projects attempt to solve this problem from two different angles. While LIGHTest is focused on building a global trust infrastructure where any authorities can publish their trust information and make it globally discoverable, ARIES’ main goal is to deliver a comprehensive framework for reliable e-identity ecosystems in order to improve identity, trust and security. On top of that it aims at to better supporting law enforcement in addressing the new cybersecurity threats, while achieving positive, far-reaching socio-economic impacts.

The CITE workshop will be focused on the challenges deriving from a digital environment where there is an increasing amount of identity crimes, and at the same time there is the need for a trustworthy ecosystem to verify virtual identities in order to take advantage of the new paradigm in the growing digital market.

We plan to organize several talks from different EU R&D projects articulated around the topics of interest (see next section), with a final networking session, as a space where experts can present and exchange their views on digital trust and Identity challenges, as well as to give the audience the opportunity to interact with the speakers.


The detailed program of CITE 2017 can be found here .
Tuesday, 29.08.2017

10:30 – 12.30

Identity and Trustworthy Ecosystem
Introduction to ARIES
Introduction to LIGHTEST
The Aries Ecosystem
The LIGHTest reference architecture

Jon Shamah
Eduardo González
Heiko Roßnagel
Jorge Bernal
Sven Wagner

13.30 – 15.00

Blockchain-based Smart Contracts for Accountable Data Usage Control
DNS as the Foundation of the LIGHTest Infrastructure
CREDENTIAL – Towards a Cloud-Based yet Privacy-Friendly Identity Provider
Wrap up and discussion

Ricardo Neisse
Martin Hoffmann
Stephan Krenn

Project Abstracts

ARIES will design and promote a framework that enables the setting up of a reliable electronic identity ecosystem for Europe which combines digital and traditional approaches (i.e. physical and electronic identity documents, virtual identities) in novel ways in order to increase and sustain high technical and procedural levels of quality of security documents and corresponding processes in both virtual and physical worlds. ARIES will propose new security features and harmonized identity lifecycle processes to allow the linkage of physical, officially accepted identities with possible virtual identities that can be derived from the former in order to cope the need of end users to be able to maintain level of privacy preserving but at the same time based on technologies for quality control and verification of such identities to allow law enforcement and mechanisms to allow efficient control and threats detection.

The objective of LIGHTest is to create a global cross-domain trust infrastructure that renders it transparent and easy for verifiers to evaluate electronic transactions. By querying different trust authorities’ world-wide and combining trust aspects related to identity, business, reputation etc. it will become possible to conduct domain-specific trust decisions. This is achieved by reusing existing governance, organization, infrastructure, standards, software, community, and know-how of the existing Domain Name System, combined with new innovative building blocks. This approach allows an efficient global rollout of a solution that assists decision makers in their trust decisions. By integrating mobile identities into the scheme, LIGHTest also enables domain-specific assessments on Levels of Assurance for these identities.

List of Workshop Topics:

Trust scheme publication, translation and delegation
Trust propagation of derived mobile IDs
Trustworthy identity ecosystem

Trustable identity virtualization
Trusted identities and privacy
Automatic trust verification

Workshop Chairs

Elsa Prieto
Head of Financial Sector in Atos Research&Innovation, Spain

Lorenzo Rosa
LIGHTest Exploitation Manager. Research Engineer Identity & Privacy Laboratory Atos Research & Innovation , Spain

Nicolás Notario
ARIES Project Coordinator. Research Engineer Identity & Privacy Laboratory Atos Research & Innovation, Spain