Social Events

This year we have planned a truly diverse social program for ARES and CD-MAKE 2017. We hope to see you all there!


During lunches, there will be a degustation corner where you can try top-quality calabrian extra virgin oils.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 – Welcome Reception


Our Welcome Reception will take place in the historical builiding Palazzo Foti, located in the heart of Reggio Calabria. You will get the possibilty to try traditional Calabrian Food. Palazzo Foti is an important building of Reggio Calabria, home of the provincial administration. The palace is also a “jewel-case” full of treasures.

This year, we welcome our special guest Enza Bruno Bossio, Deputy of the Italian Republic.

Meeting point: 18.30 in front of the university.
To get to Palazzo Foti we need to take the public bus to the city center. We will then walk together to the bus station. Were we will divide the people between bus number 27 that leaves at 18.50 direction “Aeroporto” and get out at the stop “Corso Matteotti” and bus number 5-10 that leaves at 18.45 direction “Riparo Vecchio” and get out at the stop “Corso Matteotti”. The bus ride takes about 10 minutes, then we will walk together to Palazzo Foti.
You can also meet us directly at Palazzo Foti (official name: Palazzo Corrado Alvaro) at 19.15.

Please follow this map if you are travelling on your own: How to get to the Welcome Reception

wednesday, August 30, 2017 – ICE Cream Session

On August 30, 2017, during the morning coffee-break, a degustation of traditional ice cream will be offered, to taste the ice cream of “ Gelateria CESARE “, which was the winner of the 2016 “Gastronauta” Italian competition for the best artisan ice cream in Italy.

wednesday, August 30, 2017 – Conference Dinner & Excursion

Fishing quarter of Scilla with Castello Ruffo, Calabria, Italy (© Shutterstock)

Our Conference Dinner – a highlight at ARES 2017 – will take place in front of the Strait of Messina ( Altafiumara Castle ). Before the gala dinner we will have an excursion to Chianalea and Scilla .Scilla is a stunningly-located fishing village in the Calabria region, in the south of Italy, on the toe of Italy’s boot. A rocky spur topped with an ancient fortress separates two narrow strips of seashore hemmed in by steep hillsides. Scilla is squeezed into this restricted and picturesque landscape and it is an unforgettable sight. Chianalea, nestled into a narrow strip of land to the east of the headland, is an ancient fishermen’s settlement with an atmosphere all of its own.



Live music will brighten the night with a concert by SERTANGO Quartet . The quartet (accordion/bandeonon, guitar, piano, voice) proposes a repertoire ranging from classic to pop music, tango and jazz, with special focus on tango.

Meeting point: 16.20 in front of the University, buses leave 16.30 (shortly after the last session)