Shuttle Bus Lamezia-Reggio

A cheap shuttle service is available, covering most flight (arrival/departure) times from and to Lamezia Airoporto every day from Monday, August 28 to Saturday, September 2, 2017 between Lamezia and Reggio di Calabria. Please note that a reservation is neccessary in order to guarantee a seat on the bus! Reservation see below .

The transfer is a service provided by StarBus which will apply its terms of service and will keep its responsibility . The ARES organization only collects reservations and supports the cost for guaranteeing the time-table also for transfers with a small number of ARES passengers (otherwise StarBus might merge consecutive  transfers).

Shuttle Timetable

The transfer time is about 1,5 hours in both directions.

Lamezia to Reggio Reggio to Lamezia
08:30/09:00 03:30/04:00 (night fare applies)
11:00/11:30 06:00
14:00 09:00
16:00/17:00 12:30
19:00 15:00
22:00 19:00
00:00 (night fare applies)

The fare will be paid on the bus, ARES is only handling the reservation.

The following fares apply:

  • 15.00€ normal transfer
  • 20.00€ night transfer
  • 0-3 y.o. children free
  • 4-6 y.o children 50% discount

The reservation for the shuttle is already closed. If you still want to book a shuttle please contact us: